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"Pink Palisade" EZ Wallpaper™


Unveil the radiant beauty of "Pink Palisade" EZ Wallpaper™, a captivating symphony of shades that blend the warmth of pink with the opulence of gold. Immerse your space in the timeless allure of this wallpaper, offering easy installation options like Peel & Stick or non-pasted (traditional). Elevate your walls with the soft elegance of pink, adorned with golden accents that add a touch of glamour to every corner. Whether creating a chic accent wall or transforming an entire room, "Pink Palisade" EZ Wallpaper™ is your gateway to a space radiating with refined charm and subtle luxury.


Peel & Stick (Installation Instructions HERE)

Ideal for your do-it-yourself endeavors, the Peel & Stick application method provides a user-friendly installation option that effortlessly turns any space into a glamorous retreat.

Key Features of Peel & Stick:

  • High-quality, durable wallpaper
  • Ready for immediate application on the wall
  • No need for glue
  • Numbered panels for a straightforward installation
  • Suitable for most non-textured walls and flat surfaces


Decided To Go With Traditional Wallpaper? (Installation Instructions HERE)


Wanna See The EZ Easel Flare Added To Your Wallpaper!?

Purchase Metallic Leaf Add-Ons! (Installation Instructions HERE)


Elevate the allure of your walls by adding a touch of luxury with metallic leaf add-ons. Transform your chosen wallpaper into a radiant masterpiece with shimmering gold or silver accents. Dive into opulence and make your space truly shine! Purchase your metallic leaf add-ons now and turn your walls into a gilded masterpiece.


Click Here To Purchase Gold Metalic Sheets


Click Here To Purchase Metalic Adhesive/Glue

"Pink Palisade" EZ Wallpaper™

PriceFrom $105.00
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